Make your clients and employees part of the change

If you are a company we have new proposals for you to involve  your employees and clients in your contribution to the cause. Through our customizable system each employee and client can choose which neighborhood to invest in. For more information contact us at

Benefits of the participatory system

Each employee or client can choose in which neighborhood to allocate your corporate investment

They will be able to see in real time, the amount of loans granted in that delegation they have chosen.

They will be informed about the situation of the delegations they chose, the loans, the characteristics of the members and the financed projects.


Get your

participation codes


Choose which neigbhorhood to invest


Witness your impact!

Your corporate account will generate participation codes that will be shared with your employees and customers

Your employees and customers will be able to exchange these codes for money to invest and they will choose the neighborhoods where they wish to do so.

Each employee or client can follow the status of the delegation and the projects that are being financed. They may redirect the investment to other delegations.