The objective of Capace, as a non-profit organization, is to provide families living in vulnerable neighborhoods with tools to improve their income and reduce their vulnerability.

The microcredit is an indispensable tool for productive activities, for covering emergencies, or for making house improvements and eventually improve the standard of living of the client's family. In this way, we try to ensure that microcredits are granted in accessible and convenient conditions, with repayment schedule adjusted to each person's growth path. To do this, we offer loans with great levels of flexibility that can be adapted to the situations of each person along with several facilities for those in economic stress.

The granting of the microcredit is accompanied by a follow-up process to make sure the repayment is not pressuring on unacceptable sacrifices like cutting on basic needs consumption.

This follow up allows us to better adjust the terms of the loan to the needs of the borrower and at the same time improve the levels of performance and compliance with the installments. In turn, we believe that credit alone it is not enough and that there is a demand for appropiate savings instruments that enable reaching their goals and building assets.


Work on financial exclusion to reduce the inequality of opportunities, especially of those in vulnerable situations, by providing different financial services that fit their needs, in a simple, close and reliable way so that they can build assets and improve their quality of life.


We look forward to be a organization that inspires confidence in people who live in a context of vulnerability, and serve as support to realize their life projects

Core Values


We believe in the ability of the person to get ahead on their own, but in a context of greater equality of opportunities.


We offer several payment facilities so that the return of credits is as easy as possible.


We are guided by qualitative and quantitative objectives, and our results are visible to all our investors.


Together with the help of our delegates, we believe it is possible to provide the best services for the benefit of people living in vulnerable neighborhoods.


We trust in our delegates, in our borrowers, in our investors, partners and members of our team.  In this sense, we look forward to be trusted by them too.  We encourage mutual trust as we believe it's one of the most powerfull tools for institutional sustainability.